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An acronym meaning Saved By His Grace has an upfront in your face truth speaking style that captivates his audience. Inspired by artist such as Pyrexx, Sevin, and other Christian artist S.B.H.G has taken initiative to spread the word of god. With a smooth style and a dirty south sound S.B.H.G is ready to fulfil his purpose in life.

S.B.H.G. born as Eric Torres to his parents Orlando Torres and Milagros Van Zuiden, at a very young age fell in love with music. Performing in church and learning to serve the lord threw instruments S.B.H.G obtained the skills to play drums, piano, and threw the years pick up performing and audio engineering. Threw many years of hard work and dedication S.B.H.G has developed a sound to impact the youth and anyone who is willing to listen. His soul purpose is to spread the word of god and let people know who Jesus Christ is.

Threw his years growing up S.B.H.G and his family suffered attacks from the enemy causing him to break away from god and take his own path. Living in the Houston Texas area for most his life, S.B.H.G was able to really get into the music scene. Performing at multiple clubs and opening up for other local artist he was able to establish a buzz for himself. Unfortunately, living the path he chose allowed him to get involved in things that led him in and out of jail and finally doing a prison term. Going back to his roots and faith S.B.H.G has done a 180 turn around with his life and is now back on the right road.

With a compelling testimony, S.B.H.G uses what god has led him to do to serve the kingdom of heaven. Threw his music ministry and his love for Christ Jesus S.B.H.G has chosen to dedicate his life for Gods glory and not look back from what he has been delivered from. He looks to make an impact in a positive way in people’s lives and be a positive role model for the youth. Spreading the message threw Christ all things are possible.

Which once was a negative lifestyle changed threw Jesus Christ S.B.H.G is ready to take on the world. A positive message of salvation mixed with a hard dirty south sound S.B.H.G is ready to run over any obstacle that the enemy has in store for him. Remembering where he was and where he is now spiritually keeps a reminder of what God has done for him. Now it’s time to repay the favor.

“No weapon formed against you shall Prosper,’ And every tongue which rises against you in judgement You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord. Isaiah 54:17

Soldiers Of Christ   Soldiers Of Christ

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