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Born in Queens, New York at Long Island Hospital to the parents of Cynthia Glover and Kenneth Jackson, Keenen Lamont Jackson better known as "MerC 24/7", lived in Lefrack City Projects until he was about five years of age. His family relocated to Staten Island New York where he lived in New Brighton until moving to Stapleton Projects where he received his education at P.S.14 and I.S.49. His favorite subject was English where he developed a feel for nouns, verbs and metaphors. While in English class, Keenen became enticed by the method of creating rhymes. Keenen played in the school band as well as participated in other school activities which would include football where he was an all-state linebacker. His love for creating rhymes kept him out of the streets where the majority of his peers spent their time. Keenen was very talented with playing the violin although he desired to play the drums along with other instruments. This is when Keenen became influenced with music of all genres. Keenen's mom and step father (Robert Steele) decided to leave New York in search of a better life for their children which forced him to make a decision at the age of 17 as to whether he would stay with his biological father or relocate with his mother and siblings to Dade City, Florida. Once in Dade City, Keenen graduated from Pasco High School with a plan to attend college for music and moved out on his own. It was at this pinnacle point in his life that he found out his biological father that he left behind in New York had passed away during a simple surgical procedure. During this grieving period in Keenen’s life, he felt that he had no one to turn to and often felt alone. Keenen turned to God and his music for comfort, peace and understanding.

At a young age, Keenen was introduced to Jesus Christ and became saved. Throughout the day, Keenen and his friends made it a habit of performing in parking lots and on street corners, beat boxing and running cyphers whenever they could. Keenen found his musical talent to express himself through hip hop, displaying high levels of enthusiasm and passion. While growing up, Keenen was a part of many talent shows where he won first place. As a senior in school, Keenen participated in a talent show hosted in school where he competed by beat boxing. Not only does Keenen enjoy using his gift/ talent for the Lord, he also enjoys boxing on an amateur level. Keenen has fought in several competitions where he won three Olympic trail silver medals in 2003. Through his increased faith in God, Keenen has developed strong spiritual connections with other brothers and sisters in Christ who have encouraged him along the way. Keenen has had many musical influences such as Fred Hammond, James Fortune, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurklin, Marvin Sapp, Kurt Carr, Deitrick Haddon, Kim Burrell, Marvin Winans and many more.

Keenen’s sole purpose for his ministry is to reach people who are not typically reached by the typical ways of traditional gospel. With an understanding that he was once a part of the world and still suffers trials and tribulations within his flesh, but through the blood of Jesus he has been redeemed, restored and renewed. He has gained prosperity within his faith that no matter the circumstance, God will see him through.

Keenen is a firm believer that faith is the substance of what’s hoped for and the evidence of things unseen and through his gift of ministry, his goal is to preach the word of the gospel through his music with a radical and unique sound that will reach into the valley and draw those who don’t have a relationship with Christ into the kingdom.

“For God I live For God I Die”

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