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Prepare yourself for a scintillate Gospel talent on the path to redefine what is original music with afluent eclectic music mix with a Gospel, Bass Shaking, New Sound. From Classical to love ballads to contemporary gospel oriented music Kenn Farr can do it all. One simple and crucial talent that Kenn Farr has is his creative lyrical writing which helps formulate a relationship with his fans. Kenn Farr available album,Preacher's Son - Come Get Some, has been recently released with 3 more new songs and will be platinum bound for Contemporary Gospel / Christian / Hip Hop / Rap Charts. His first single from the album, "I Need To Testify - Part I.", is selling in outlets all over the Texas - Louisiana * Mississippi * Oklahoma * Atlanta * California * New York * Philadelphia * Chicago * Missouri * Tennessee & Arkansas areas.

Kenn Farr Twitter Followers has grown tremendously from 200 followers to over 161,000 new followers. Kenn Farr Facebook Followers has grown tremendously from 15 followers to over 2000 new followers. SoundCloud Plays and Views has grown from 480 plays to over 10 Million plays for 3 top singles.

Wait On Him, Preacher Boy (Holy Dance), I Need To Testify – Part I. and Fillin Em . Call the radio stations in your areas and request these single, now!!!  Kenn Farr Gospel and vocal style has been influenced by Great Performers such as Be Be Winans, Brian McKnight, R.Kelly, Morris Day, Prince, Aaron Hall, James Taylor, Richard Marx, Salt N Pepa, Envogue, SWV, Michael McDonald, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aerosmith, Stevie Wonder, Louie Armstrong and Mr. Ray Charles. The Album incorporates 80's hip hop with 90s & 2000s flavored beats which are all original material. A national tour to promote the Album is planned for October, 2017.

He has been seen and Heard in television commercials and movies by over 5,000,000 people. Some examples are Bank of America, Body Tone, Middleman Hardware, Necessary Roughness, N.C.N.B, J.F.K., Dept of Public Safety, Sprint, Anderson Production, Spirit of Texas, H.H. Technologies, The New Face of Cancer Foundation, I.B.M., Break Cakes, M.C.I., Radio Shack, Gospel Hottest Music, Crime Stoppers & Frequent Flyer - (Movie of the Week).

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